Mar 02, 2021 General

What is ransomware attack and how to find it out?

Ransomware is a type of malware which the attacker uses to encrypt the files of the victim. It might be the files of a specific person or a small business organization or a huge business organization. This mostly happens when the security of the specific computer network is not that strong and could be easily hacked. When the attacker successfully encrypts the victim’s files, he/she will be asked for a ransom to be paid only then the access to the encrypted files will be given. If you are in a similar kind of situation, then checkout Blackpanda which can respond to your problem and try to get it solved.

Read this article below to find out whether it is a ransomware attack or some other. They are as follows,

  • If you seem to have lost access to some of the very important or confidential files, then you should suspect some attack from the hackers. If you couldn’t access only certain important files or more of the same folder, then suspect that it is a ransomware. In addition, if you get a call or an email or a message saying they need some ransom to give you back the access to those encrypted files again, then reach cyber security incident response services to register your complaint and let them know what actually happened and what you have suffered. They will make moves to find out the attacker and help you recover the files.