Aug 06, 2020 Food

The frequent mistakes we make when drinking wine

We all love wine. But all wine fans make some mistakes. And, that is why we are not always able to enjoy wine to the fullest. So, to enjoy it more, we offer you a series of tips so that you get more out of it when you go to consume it. Click here for wine online malaysia.

Glass half full

This is a beginner’s mistake. The glass should not be filled to the top: you have to fill it less than half, so that the wine does not heat up and, in addition, be able to move it in the glass and appreciate its aroma. Visit this site for wine shop online malaysia.

Wine store

Cold or hot wine

Serving the wine too cold does not allow its flavor to be properly appreciated. The white must be served at a temperature between 6 and 13 degrees (much higher than the one inside our refrigerators) and the red must be between 17 and 19 degrees. So, it is a good idea to refrigerate the red lightly in hot months, but never with ice cubes!

Came with the food

Drinking wine only with meals: why not use it (always in moderation) for those moments when you would opt for a beer or a soft drink? There are wines that are perfect for all occasions and, therefore, some notions of pairing are also convenient.

If you follow these simple tips, we can assure you that you will enjoy your wine much more.