Jul 05, 2020 Social Media

Help your business thrive with social media marketing

The traditional Hope a proportion of customers purchase and marketing model was to get as many eyeballs on your product or service’s message. Yellow pages, radio advertisements, direct mail, television commercials, magazine advertisements, etc. Are examples of these marketing methods? These kinds of advertising are effective as customers have become blind to the ‘one way’ messaging. The message was overdone and advertisers are no longer trusted by people. A recent poll found that only 14 percent of people trust advertisements while 76 percent of people trust consumer recommendations. Accordingly, more entrepreneurs began seeking alternative ways to contact potential consumers.

Social media

Marketing on the Internet Was initially made popular by using Websites and optimizing those websites through Search Engine Optimization SEO techniques. While still a worthwhile strategy, SEO has been upgraded by Web 2.0 strategies, such as social media marketing. Social networking marketing is when companies use Web 2.0 platforms, like blogs, social networking sites such as Facebook, Google+, Foursquare, Twitter, YouTube and other emerging internet advertising tools. The advantage of web 2.0 platforms versus conventional way of advertising, as well as conventional site promotion, is that it entails ‘two-way communicating’, where consumers are permitted to create content and companies are incentivized to communicate with their clients.

Social media

The days of hoping to get a reply and broadcasting services message or your goods out to the masses are gone. People do not need to buy from faceless companies. Not only are customers paying attention to the ‘man behind the curtain’, but they need to understand what others are saying about your service or product. A recent study concluded that 80 percent of US Internet using mothers was affected by word-of-mouth from family and friends when making a purchase decision. No other media platform allows for smaller businesses to profit from consumer word of mouth promotion like social networking marketing.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

 Improved New Customer Acquisitions – The principal benefit of social networking marketing is you will have the chance to connect with networks of possible clients that you would otherwise be not able to come across using other standard marketing methods and even SEO.

Word of Mouth Marketing– Word of mouth advertising has always been the most influential method to create sales. With media marketing, you have the ability to create raving fans who will promote services and your goods. Needless to say, if your service or product is poor, you might endure this’ advantages. Brand Awareness – Branding your company using social networking marketing is significantly easier, faster, and less costly to achieve compared to standard advertising medium or even website advertising.