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May 17, 2022 Business

Everything You Need To Know While Applying For BNO

If a person is a resident of Hong Kong and is considered to be interested to find out if he would or would not be eligible for a UK passport, he, without the shadow of a doubt, might have had come across the term BNO, that is, “British National (overseas)” passport. The term might sound complex but is instead quite simple to comprehend.

What is a BNO passport? 

A British National (Overseas) passport is issued to a person who is a citizen of the British overseas territories. Such a kind of British citizenship was introduced in 1987 by the government of the UK while considering the Hong Kong Act passed in 1985. A person is a BNO citizen if:

  • He is a permanent resident of Hong Kong.
  • He is a citizen of the British Dependent Territories until the end of June 1997.
  • He chose to remain British and thereafter registered for a BNO citizenship while Hong Kong was still known to be under the control and administration of the UK.

One of the important conditions for a person to be eligible for a BNO passport by British Connections is that he ought to hold an identity card of Hong Kong.

Is BNO actual citizenship?

If a person possesses a BNO passport, he is not known to be an actual citizen of the UK, but only a British Commonwealth Citizen. The British National (Overseas) [BNO] citizenship is known to fall under one of the major types of UK nationalities.

Renewal of BNO 

If a person is looking for bno renew, he can visit several websites to come across a simple online application process. The process to renew BNO is very similar to the process of the renewal of a regular passport in the UK.


Complete the process of renewal of BNO in a week or apply for a BNO today, what are you waiting for?