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May 12, 2022 Food

Everything You Need To Know About Vintage Champagnes

Champagne shares a lot of similarities to a pizza, there does not exist such a thing as a bad slice of pizza or a bad bottle of champagne. But what does it indicate when tagged to be vintage in addition to a hefty price tag attached to it? This article will talk about a few aspects of vintage champagne that a person must be aware of.

Difference between vintage and non-vintage champagne 

The word vintage does not necessarily point to the bottle of champagne as being old; it is just that a vintage wine is made from the grapes for one year. On the other hand, non-vintage champagne is known to be a unique blend of harvests from several years. If a person comes across a particular year on his bottle of champagne, then it most definitely is vintage. In the absence of such a date, he can ensure that the champagne is non-vintage.

The reason behind the high price of champagne 

Vintage champagne is more expensive as there is not much of it available for people. Vintages are only made around three to four times in one decade; this makes up less or about 5%of the total production of champagne. Similar to fine whiskey and wine, age is also considered to be an important factor. While non-vintage champagne might require an approximate total of 15 months to its complete maturity, vintage champagne needs more or about three years.

Are vintage champagnes worth the money or not?

Vintage champagne is generally much more complex by nature; this means that it requires a more refined palate for appreciating them in a true sense. A vintage wine is unique so that a person fails to know what he is getting before he takes the first sip.


If a person wishes to impress his oenophile in-laws, he should go for vintage champagne. On the other hand, he should go with non-vintage champagne while a bottle of picking upcoming nuptial. Drink champagne hong kong and tell us how you like it!