Theatre Performance

Jul 12, 2022 Entertainment

All About The Theatre Performance In Hong Kong

If you are someone who loves grand performances on stage with the flavor of french, you have the best opportunity to enjoy them. In this article, you will learn about concert and theatre performance hong kong.

About the theatre performance

They will showcase eight independent sketches woven in a collage to show the daily lives of french commoners. This story is about the younger brother who wants to outdo his older brother, a barber who wants to become a seagull, a girl who has questions about her name, and a giant ball pen. All these elements make this play absurd but enjoyable which is the reason why it has won best comedy, best supporting actress, and best author in Moliere awards.

About the opera

The history dates french opera back to the 17th century with the composers Massenet, Gounod, and Bizet who give the french opera its name. Its cast has many opera performers and ballet dancers, so you can see orchestra concert hong kong. These concerts will feature the solo and duets of famous french operas like Werther, Carmen, and Contes d’Hoffmann and you can feel the grace and hear the enriching voice of different composers who are there to bedazzle the audience with their performances.

It is always a delight to be a spectator in these grand performances which showcase the rich history and culture of a country, so you should not miss this opportunity. If you are in Hong Kong, you should give these theatrical performances a chance.