Mar 10, 2021 Business

A New Restaurant Business You Need to Join!

In today’s digital era, make it easier for all your activities. The use of digital in business is of course a strategic step to stay afloat and increase competitiveness. With an increase in the quality of delivery, it will increase with the use of digital. Then, changes in consumer behavior have followed the growth of the F&B delivery business, which has increased sharply from time to time. Therefore join Everplate.

What’s the Reason In Joining this Restaurant Business?

Currently, the food delivery industry around the world is showing very good growth. This event made an innovation to develop the Indonesian culinary business to quickly and effectively switch to the Online Delivery Order market to keep up with the current market. This is a service that the ghost kitchen Jakarta provides. Here are the reasons why you should join everplate:

  • Everplate Kitchens is a ghost kitchen solution to help businesses related to delivery. They provide ready-to-live kitchens with the best quality premium infrastructure.
  • The kitchen infrastructure that we provide includes an exhaust hood, air grill, power points (electric sockets), gas & water pipelines, sinks, fire suppression systems, tiles & floorings, and so on.
  • As a form of support, they offer an operational efficiency that is much more resource-efficient through the assistance of the facilities team.
  • With Everplate, clients will receive a performance analysis report every month, so the process of considering and managing the business can be simpler.
  • You can consult our team who will guide you directly.
  • We place a network of kitchens spread across the most strategic locations in Jakarta with the highest number of requests with minimum investment costs.