colocation data centre

May 06, 2022 Technology

What is the colocation data center hong kong?

In terms of data growth, Hong Kong is without a doubt one of the world’s fastest expanding areas. Hong Kong is known as the “gateway to China,” with over 15 underwater cables, including many recently built ones like the Asian Region Gateway (APG) and the huge 120 Tbps Google/Facebook connection, Pacific LightWave. The incumbent provider is HK Telecom, alongside Superloop, Hutchison, Quay T&T, colocation data centre hong kong, and HK Internet as prominent competitors.

What is Data Center Interconnect, and how does it work?

Network Infrastructure Interconnect (DCI) is a technology that allows two or more data centers to communicate across short or long distances. Interconnection is necessary not only to link physical equipment in multiple data centers, such as gateways, switches, firewalls, servers, and so on, but also to provide backup, IT administration, business continuity, and disaster recovery. Using dispersed exchange points housed in supplier or any colocation facility, the interconnection between data centers may be formed. Datacentre Interconnect is also important for balancing and pooling resources, particularly when demands or traffic develops rapidly.

The need for data center connectivity

Because of the massive development in SaaS services, work-from-home acceptance, cloud adoption, and other factors, the connection has become critical for any business customer. Improved latency and response times between the user and the data center are critical. Datacenter traffic has expanded tremendously across data centers as a result of hybrid IT systems. The necessity of providing connectivity across data centers has risen as a result. Interconnectivity allows for many-to-many connectivity, which is extremely valuable in today’s linked world. As distances are reduced, data center connectivity aids businesses in reducing latency. This improves the overall customer experience as well as the budget.