May 14, 2022 General

What Is Inclusive Outdoor Play And Why Is It Important?

When we think about the specially abled population, usually the first image that comes to our minds is of adults. This is because main stream media has subjected us to believe that disabilities in population starts from their young adult lives. However, the truth is something entirely different. Most disabilities are diagnosed in children of young age. Many infants are born specially abled. This means that a different way of living starts for them from a relatively early age only. Young children, already feel out of the place, it is the society’s collective responsibility to make them feel included and not like they are different than anyone else. This is inclusive outdoor play among young children and toddlers is highly promoted.

What is inclusive play and why is it important?

Inclusive playing means not segregating sections of a common ground for the abled and the specially abled children. Sports surfaces hk are very popular for understanding this concept and not being oblivious. They are highly commended, because although they ensure the safety specially abled children and include structural changes that make outdoor sports and playing more comfortable for specially abled children, without making them feel different or excluded.

The world can surely take a lesson or two from these sports ground. While we advocate for inclusive playing grounds, there are certain grounds that do not have a separate provision for specially abled children at all. It is true, that we, as a society have come a long way still there is a lot to go.