Oct 03, 2020 Health

Implantable Contact Lens –Understanding the Benefits

Implantable contact lens or ICL are the contact lenses alternatives that are used for correcting your vision, but unlike the traditional contact lenses, they are positioned in such a way that they stay in your eye for the longer time frame. Whereas regular contacts lenses will be placed on surface of your eye, the implantable lenses are placed surgically in your eyes. They will be implanted between iris & natural lens. But, if there are major changes in the vision, implantable contact lens surgery removes it too.

Benefits of ICLs

ICL or Implantable contact lens surgery is the most effective, safe, as well as fast procedure that corrects the patient’s vision. This procedure just takes 15 minutes & involves placing the lens between the person’s iris & lens without even damaging its corneal tissue. Because of ease of this procedure, healing time will be fast. Most of the patients report of going back to the normal activities the next day with ICL Hong Kong surgery! Besides all these advantages, the surgery pros include:

  • During placement of ICLs, the corneal nerves aren’t disrupted. Hence, the procedure doesn’t lead to the dry eyes.
  • The best vision correction choice. Quality of the vision attained with ICLs is best as eye maintains the natural corneal shape.
  • User-friendly since they do not need any maintenance like disinfecting and cleaning. They don’t have to get removed daily and will stay in your eye indefinitely.
  • The contact lenses are actually made from Collamer that is a purified collagen. Chances of the ICL getting rejected by your body are low as the body doesn’t treat its lens as the foreign body and, infection rates and rejection are very low.