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Dec 27, 2021 Health

Assisted reproduction: the pros

The greatest benefit in relying on assisted fertilization treatment is obviously to be able to have a baby. And the hope of this joy often outweighs any other possible drawbacks. The success rates   are good but vary based on some factors, such as the cause of infertility and the age of the couple, especially the woman fertility specialist singapore.

An example of effectiveness can be that concerning male infertility(40% of the general series): a poor quality or quantity of spermatozoa can prevent fertilization of the egg and therefore conception. With in vitro fertilization techniques this fundamental passage takes place in a test tube -assisted- and once the embryo is created it is implanted directly into the woman’s uterus.

These reproductive methods are also useful when the couple may be the carrier of a genetic anomaly and therefore risk transmitting it to the child, as in the case of cystic fibrosis. Preimplantation genetic diagnosis is used in this case. It is a technique that allows you to analyze and select healthy embryos (or oocytes) in a couple. Only those will be implanted in the womb of the expectant mother.

It is also used simply to ensure greater chances of success for assisted reproduction techniques. Furthermore, with an in vitro fertilization it is possible to monitor all the stages of conception, from the verification of the fertilization of the ovum, to the quality of the embryonic development; moreover, with these procedures it is possible to retrieve useful information to understand the causes of infertility and the reproductive performance of the couple by deepening the problematic aspects of fertility.